Merchant Services


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Digital Wallet

Also known as an e-wallet, it can be used with mobile payment systems that allow shoppers to pay for purchases with a smartphone. Our Digital Wallet guarantees that your customer’s information and password are securely stored.

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Credit Card and Debit Card Payments

Your customers, vendors and suppliers expect your business or organization to accept all credit and debit card transactions. At GNP we understand this and make it easy for you to offer the options that they are looking for.

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Check acceptance opens up a new transactional stream, allowing your customers to easily pay via check at the Point of Sale. We provide check verification and guarantee, electronic check conversion (ECC) with imaging, reimbursement for returned checks, business check conversion and multi-check acceptance.

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ACH Payments

Save time and money with ACH transactions. Our solutions enable your business to send or receive electronic payments directly from bank account to bank account. We can also structure ACH payments for customers, suppliers and vendors.

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Virtual Terminal

We offer online payment solutions that are flexible and include web-based Virtual Terminal solutions. Easily process credit card payments using any internet connection. This enables your business to accept payments anytime, anywhere.

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Wireless Credit Card Processing

Accept payments wherever you do business with Wireless Credit Card Processing. Our flexible solutions empower your business to accept card payments using any internet connection. We have mobile and web-based apps to make it easy for you and your customers.

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Telephone Credit Card Processing

Offer your customers the fast and easy processing with Pay By Phone. Process credit card payments 24/7/365 by inputting card info via phone keypad. It’s easy and works exactly as any other processing method.

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Business Credit Card Processing

Our equipment uses the latest technology making it easy to accept payments from your customers. We also offer Level 3 Data which ultimately will help lead to lower costs for your business guaranteed

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Online or ECommerce Credit Card Processing

Our portfolio of e-commerce solutions and payment processing capabilities allow businesses to tailor a solution to their specific needs. As your business grows and requirements change, our payment capabilities are designed to grow and change with your needs.

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Mobile Point of Sale

Give your customers the ability to pay at their convenience with multiple receipt options. With Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) your salespeople and cashiers can better assist customers and accept payments whenever or wherever.

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Mobile Credit Card Processing

Our mobile solutions are the fastest and most flexible payment tools in the marketplace. Customers expect multiple payment options and mobile credit card processing and accepting payments on a smartphone or tablet is critical to any business.

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Accept Credit Cards

Allow your customers to pay with debit or credit card. We have a large selection of equipment and credit card processing machines. We also offer Point of Sale terminals that can process cash transactions.

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